Enjoy exclusivity - leave the rest to us.

Experience luxurious accommodations and discover the majestic beauty of Switzerland while we take care of your wishes.

Concierge Service

We are here for you!

Our superheroes in suits and bow ties are ready to fulfill your wishes before you say them. We're here for you around the clock, for impeccable cleanliness, seamless transportation and unsurpassed service.

Butler service


Tailored to your needs

Your private star chef will not only conjure up culinary delights, but also a smile on your face. Luxury meets bon appétit!

Star chef
Menu as desired
Fresh and healthy

Beauty & Wellness

Simply "switch off"

Say goodbye to stress! Pull the plug on everyday stress and relax in one of the many wellness oases or in your private whirlpool.

Manicure & Pedicure

Art and Culture

We discover for you what interests you

Hungry for culture? Switzerland serves cultural delights as sweet as its chocolate. Immerse yourself in the world of historic cities, galleries and entertaining events.

City tour

Sport and Adventure

Let loose!

Imagine a golf course so picturesque that even your handicap claps its hands in amazement. Want something a little more airy? Conquer glaciers, via ferratas, enjoy wonderful bike tours or hurtle down perfectly maintained single trails on your bike.

Personal trainer
Yoga instructor
Nutrition coach